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Volunteer Rescue Transports

Postby prinzsalpha » Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:46 pm

Volunteer Rescue Transports are the lifeline for many rescues to be able to move dogs from one area or state to another without the high costs associated with pet transports. However there are rules that must be met and procedures that a rescue organization must do in order to be approved. :D

1- Rescues must put in a application with a transport coordinator. All reference checks will be made for rescue who will be receiving. Included usually is a lengthy questionnaire to fill out asking for vet references, 5013c status, spay and neuter policy , adoption policies, and ect. Remember each transport coordinators standards are slightly different.

2- If coming from a shelter environment, most coordinators will ask for at least a 7-14 day quarantine period out of the shelter. Most vetting at this time should be addressed by committed rescue. All dogs must be Up-To-Date with shots and travel with a valid Health Certificate before transport leaves.

3- All transports are monitored by the transport coordinator and if for any reason, they can cancel for various reasons if the dog and or rescue and or volunteer driver seems fit. Extreme weather can cause safety concerns for dogs and drivers and runs may abruptly stop due to safety concerns.

We use these transports exclusively for the rescue I work with, and we are forever indebted to our wonderful transport coordinator!!!

Here are the links of the two most popular ones used...

Transport Express ~

Truck and Paws ~

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