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Raining GSD's....all over

Postby prinzsalpha » Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:35 am

What is wrong with a cute little GSD pup whose cute as the dickens and after the smallness, cuteness is over....the what the heck do I do with this dog!!! Its called TRAINING.....they are unloading numerous 6 mos. old GSD's all over the country. Yes they get bigger...yes they are smarter than YOU....yes they herd...yes they are protective...yes they need to be socialized....yes they need to be kept mentally and physically active. Sigh.....ok rant is over!!

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Re: Raining GSD's....all over

Postby FredD » Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:24 am

That has been my biggest gripe over the years... Cute puppy, GS, WOW, big dog, mean, bites, I don't want him,her!! I wish there was a law requiring people to take a test on the breed they are buying, JUST TO KNOW something about the breed. But as always money talks, Bull---t walks. Education is getting harder to provide.
People do not want to listen to reason until it's to late. Training, socializing, exercising, time, etc. That's the problem. A lot of work when 10lbs. becomes '80+lbs.' and stubborn. People today and yesterday, tend to release the problem, then deal with it. I have no answers, just rant. But, I still try to educate and train people. Winning, NO, but trying.....

Serious dog people will always be serious, Pet people will always be pet people.
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Re: Raining GSD's....all over

Postby khawk » Tue Jun 08, 2010 5:05 pm

I see 'pet people' as coming in two basic types. There are the types who get the cute puppy, toss it out back, and then dump it when it turns into a teenager. These types of people crop up in all breeds and in all kinds of mixes. They're the real source of all our animal shelter/rescue problems. Unfortunately, these people are the ones who get whatever dog happens to be in style now, and gsds are in style.

Then you have the other kind of pet people, many of whom resuce and foster dogs, stick with them through thick and thin, drive the vet/health care industry and keep all the hobby/sport breeders in business. They're the unsung majority, even if it doesn't seem like it, and the more we can support and educate all pet people, the more we can build this majority. Unfortuantely, it's an uphill battle and we all get discouraged, sometimes. The thing to do is to hang in there and work at creating another good, forever home for our dogs, one by one. khawk
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Re: Raining GSD's....all over

Postby NarysDad » Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:58 am

I have turned away many like this that think oh what a cute puppy ubtil it requires time out of ones busy schedule. It sure is a good thing that one does not have the same choices with Children. You all are right, all we can do is educate the ones that come around wanting to know more about the breed. The others are the ones that make it tough on us breeders that screen all our clients and do all the right things before one of our pups ever leave our place.

It angers me to hear such good dogs that get destroyed due to ignorance and uneducated people. The problem lies here with the world and how they think of a dog being just that and nothing more.

I get a kick out of people that think that they can breed a dog and never take a minute as to how much time they have to take to raise a puppy from the time it is born until the time it is ready to go to their hopefully forever home. Or when they find that it is hard to find homes for them that they drop them in shelters like the one did that Maureen rescued the mother and father and a few pups too. Those are the ones that should loose their rights to ever own another dog EVER
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Re: Raining GSD's....all over

Postby christina » Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:03 pm

Every point every one of you made above proves what worthy human beings you all are . All we can do is , do the best with what we can. We teach and educate where we can, help those that want it and encourage those that don't, to do so. There-in, making as many people as knowledgable as poss on the ethical treatment of animals and their needs . A great applaud to you responsible breeders that do screen your prospective puppy buyers, that's a great start to the long road ahead of cleaning up the mess that the cruel and irresponsible people cause. So many animals suffer at the hands of such pathetically arrogant people. And disgracefully, the laws allow it.
An even bigger applaud , to those of you that give so much and look after so many of those animals in pet rescue organisations looking after, rehoming, and giving out of your own pockets for animals that people have discarded and abused.
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